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About Literature / Student ShinigamiOfHeaven, Air-Bear4000, LongfFemale/Australia Group :iconanera-the-rpg: ANERA-The-RPG
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Speaks For Itself
A partner should be;
Your best friend,
Your worst enemy,
Your lover,
When you need them to be
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Mature content
Commodities and Oddities at School -- 'Deathday' :iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 0 0
Twins of Destiny
Twins of Destiny
Beings from two worlds, lost in time
Destined to die, before they try
One brave and strong, a mighty force
The other calm and wise, lost upon a drifting course
Neither knew the other, from two worlds they be
Yet time brought them together, indefinitely
Strong met wise, calm met brave
Both met each other, to test ones knave
Fighting was not the key, nor was knowledge
But neither knew wether, whence this task was forged
The key to their freedom, was buried deep inside
Learning about themselves, to free their minds
Out in the open, the key lay bare
A thing so small, it was hard to compare
Brave and strong, were baffled to say the least
Calm and wise, was lost to the sea
Both had found it, the key that they dreamed
But neither could reach it, barred from their means
Both had met, under unusual circumstances
Yet one walks away, while the other dances
The merry tune, of time's new trumpet
It calls out to, the one who lost it
Brave walked free, with strong in hand
Calm remain
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Fishermen's Day Out by ShinigamiOfHeaven Fishermen's Day Out :iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 0 15
Mature content
Angelorum Cadentium - Chp 2 :iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 0 0
Tablua Rasa
When in love, you must not doubt you're
ability to love that one special person.
The dead night rang with the promise of new beginnings,
as she waited at the water's edge. The wind blew fiercely,
whipping hair and cloth alike as her breath fogged
with each puff. She had been asked to meet a certain
young fellow at the docks, the clashing of metal on
steel as a slow bell toiled on the banks, the waves
crashing over jagged rocks as seagulls overhead barked out
desperate calls of hunger. She heard he was like a snake;
sly and ever so curious, his bite seeping poison into the
blood, enticing her with ever so sweet ideals of passion and
lust. She wanted to taste it more than before, her
hunger encasing her. And as the final bell toiled the last
chime, he appeared; melting out of the shadows to greet
her. The slits of the moonlight cast out an eerie glow, illuminating
his distinguished figure as one by one the stars winked out of existence.
To create the perfect relationship one must follow:
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Silent Prayer
While I breath I hope,
While I dream I believe,
While I sing I soar,
While I watch I remember.
When I die I lose hope,
When I stop dreaming I despair,
When I lose my voice I fall,
When I lose sight I forget.
The present is precious,
The dreams we share are endless,
The memories we forge are timeless,
The songs of unspoken dreamers are tiny jewels in the sky.
Diamonds telling us to never give up,
To never lose hope.
To remember our dreams of long ago.
Childhood memories are not the stuff of legend,
Only forgotten ones remain in our past.
Let live your hopes and dreams.
Never give in to society's whims,
Spread your wings and soar.
You owe it to yourself,
Don't you?
:iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 1 2
Angelorum Cadentium - Chp 1
Chapter 1 –
She could still see the image on her burned into her retinas. She could still smell everything that happened. No matter how many times she tried to forget, it came back to haunt her. She shivers with the realization that she was now truly alone.
Solarity shivers as she rolls onto her side, a tear frozen on her cheek. She had been out on the street for years now, living through the heated days of the summer, and the frozen nights of the winter. Her back ached from where her wings lay frozen beside her as she rubs her head, the beginnings of a headache slowly creeping upon her. She was tired, but that wasn't something new to her.
Standing up, she looks around to realize that she was now completely alone. Strands of pale pink hair fall over her face as she begins to slouch through the snow, her dull green eyes searching though the whiteness around her. She had to find the others, she didn't like being alone. It reminded her too much of that time.
"I'm back!" Solarity yell
:iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 0 6
Mature content
Chaotic Treats :iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 0 0
Mature content
True Blue Bird :iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 2 6
Thirteenth Alice
The Thirteenth Alice is the Alice of Forgetfulness
She helped all others before find the missing door.
But for this there was a price.
She got to feed of their memories of life.
Till all that was left was an empty shell.
:iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 1 0
Mature content
My Fatal Blow :iconshinigamiofheaven:ShinigamiOfHeaven 0 0


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Wow... just... wow...

Get this:
I leave the house today and go out. Dad is working on his car with a friend.
I get home late at night and he is STILL out there, working on his car!
He has now, finally, come inside to realise that he has not had dinner yet, and that he has been out there for the whole day.

Nice going there, dad.

Anyway, hello once more to anyone who wishes to take an interest in me and my writing.
You have my thanks.
On other news, I am going to be posting here little things I write in class; a weekly thing if you think of it that way.
Some of the things I write in a class environment is... different to what I can write at home or somewhere else.
So, I thought, since sometimes I can come up with some pretty nifty stuff, I'll type them up and post them here.
Sounds like a solid plan, no?
I thought so too :)

With my plan in motion with my first post in the line of 'Commodities and Oddities at School' I welcome a new era to my retarded and bizarre writing:

Enjoy :)

PS: The drawings are not my own but done by my friends. God I have some good friends :)


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ShinigamiOfHeaven, Air-Bear4000, Longf
Artist | Student | Literature
Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Many...
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch ver. 4
Favourite cartoon character: Howl Pendragon/Jenkins
Personal Quote: One's imagination is only limited by their own desires

I am a current Tafe student studying Professional Writing and Editing. I wish to be an author either during my schooling or when I graduate. Since, in one of my classes, we have free writing sessions, I have decided to post some of my work up here.
It is here for the enjoyment of others, so if you have a problem, tough!
Don't like, don't comment: leave.

And now to leave on a positive note: My sense is no sense. My question is a question. I NEVER make sense -- quote from a character out of my story 'Child of Gods'


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